Use (evr) to bring your medical records to a centralized location, one site for your various specialists and PCP

(evermed) is a core cloud based EMR system for recording, storage and retrieval of patient information. (evermed) is accessible from any device with a data connection and browser, decrease hardware costs in your practice by utilizing technology you already have and use everyday. (evermed) is also accessible to your patient's and their family members for coordination of care and open access for patients to their medical record.

(evr)wearcare is accessible wherever you are, in the home, on the road or at an event

Choose which option works best for your needs, we have options ranging from cloud based solutions to raspberry pi based solutions to hybrid cloud/pi deployments.

With (evermed)'s suite of solutions you can find a fix to your headache's in any care area you practice. Would you like to complete your documentation at the point of care instead of moving to another area to access a computer terminal? Document with the tools you already carry, your phone, tablet, Glass or smartwatch.

Access to tools where you are, keep connected and up to date on your patients condition, provide care faster, consult in seconds not hours.

(evr)wearcare tools:

(evr)wearcare has you covered from mobile to wearables, your care in your time.

(evr) access via any device with a browser

Use information wherever you are in the care cycle, manage patient tasks on the go. Access results, orders, notes and more.

(evr) on rounds and on the go wherever you are

No more hunting for an open computer, access critical data anywhere you are with our browser based interface. (evr) keeps you connected wherever you go.

(evr) for training and competency evaluation

Utilize (evr) tools for competency and skills training. Solutions for CPR, protocols and emergency response/disaster preparedness


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